This Website Strategy Will Get You More Traffic And Sales

website strategy

Your website is the first point of contact with your customers. It needs to be persuasive, engaging and easy to navigate. You need a website strategy that will help you gain more traffic, generate leads and ultimately make more sales. People are on the internet all day long searching for products they want or services they need. Your website needs to stand out from the rest of them – it needs to have a killer website marketing strategy.

What is the strategy of a website?

A website strategy is basically your business plan for the website. It consists of various components like technical, marketing and content strategies which all work together to make sure you maintain optimal visibility on search engines (SEO), attract visitors who are interested in what you have to offer (traffic) and ultimately turn them into customers.

All components are equally important and should work together to achieve website marketing goals. You can’t have a website that looks pretty but doesn’t generate leads or increase traffic.

You need website content that is optimized for search engines, offers value and helps potential customers complete tasks like making purchases – this will help you improve the website’s SEO ranking on Google which directly affects how many visitors you get to website.

To increase website traffic and leads you need a website marketing strategy that includes: social media, pay per click advertising (PPC), email marketing as well as blogging on your website regularly so visitors can come back for more information about your products or services.

Website content is the most important component of any successful website marketing strategy. It needs to be engaging, informative and persuasive. You don’t want website content that simply states the features of a product.

Your website strategy should include website copywriting services from professional writers who can come up with creative ideas about how to improve your site’s conversion rate or landing page so you get more leads/customers out of every traffic source.

Why do you need a website strategy?

You need website strategy to achieve higher visibility on search engines, generate more traffic and ultimately help you make an impact with your website. You can’t just build a website without having any plan for it – that’s like starting construction of building but not knowing what its purpose will be or how many floors there are going to be.

Without a proper website strategy you will get website traffic, but it will be unfocused and not helpful. You won’t know which marketing strategies work best for your website so the website ends up being neglected because no one knows how to make money from it or improve its ranking on search engines.

A website is a never-ending project that needs consistent attention if you want website visitors to keep coming back for more website content. You need a website marketing strategy that includes all components in order to achieve website traffic and sales goals.

What is a website marketing strategy?

A website marketing strategy includes the various strategies that help you increase website traffic and leads. It will give you a full picture of how your website is doing, what to improve on, what needs attention or even complete revamping.

web strategy

This can include search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click advertising campaigns, social media promotions etc., all done in a coordinated manner to help you achieve website traffic and sales goals.

After you take care of all technical website issues, website marketing strategy will help you focus on website content creation. You need to make sure the website copywriting is of high quality and offers value so website visitors are engaged enough to share it with their friends or subscribe for your website updates.

Creating a killer website marketing strategy can be difficult especially if don’t have much knowledge about what works best for website traffic and lead generation. But don’t worry, you can always hire website marketing experts who will know how to best utilize website traffic and leads for your business.

What is website content strategy?

Website content strategy is all about the website copy. It requires planning and analysis of website goals, audience insights to help you create effective website content that engages visitors, communicates your message effectively and gets them what they need (leads).

Content marketing strategies are often used in conjunction with SEO or social media – for example an infographic can be posted on your website, shared on social media channels and linked back to website boosting SEO.

Blogging is an important website content strategy that helps you create website content regularly. It’s a great way to show website visitors that your business is active, engaged and cares about its customers/visitors.

If they see new website content being added on regular basis it will help build trust in them so when the time comes for them to make purchase decision they are more likely to do so from website that is being updated with fresh website content.

How do you create a website strategy?

The website strategy needs to be created in conjunction with website development. Technical strategies are included in website design and content is developed during website copywriting – however, both of these should align with your company’s business objectives and goals for the website.

It helps immensely if you have an idea of what kind of reports or analytics you will need to measure website success i.e. website traffic, conversion rates etc., this will help website developers and copywriters to design the website accordingly.

Here are the main steps for how to create a website strategy:

  • Gain an understanding how your site is performing with analytics reports – which are showing most popular pages? how about traffic sources? where does the bulk of visitors come from etc.?
  • Decide on what you want to accomplish through your website, this will help you prioritize content production or changes that need to be done to the website.
  • Conduct an audit of your current website, how can it be improved? what new features or content would make visitors more likely to perform tasks you want them to (sign up for email newsletter etc.)?
  • Work with web developer/designer who can help you create wireframes and mockups of how the site will look like, how will it behave etc.
  • Develop your website based on the wireframes and test different variations until you are happy with how they perform (A/B testing is a great way to conduct this). Test things such as sign up forms, call to action buttons or email subscription boxes – make sure these elements play nicely together.
  • Once you are ready, it’s time to publish content on website. Make sure you have quality website copywriting and images/videos etc. that your visitors will enjoy reading or watching, how can they get more of this?

That is how easy it is to create a killer website marketing strategy. There are many other strategies which include SEO, social media, content marketing and email marketing – how you decide to utilize these strategies is entirely up to your business needs.

What should a website strategy include?

A website strategy needs to include technical, website marketing and website copywriting strategies.

The website developer needs to make sure that the website they are developing will be able to accommodate these strategies without any issues – for example if you want a lot of video content on your website or plan on using live chat feature then it is best to have this in mind during website development.


The website marketing strategy should include SEO, social media and other online advertising like Google AdWords etc., all of which help you achieve your website goals i.e. website traffic and leads for sales conversions.

Content is developed during website copywriting to communicate your message effectively so that visitors find what they need on the website and convert into website leads.

It is best to have website marketing strategy designed by an online marketing professional who understands your business objectives, target audience and website goals better than you do.

However if that does not work out then the next best thing would be to approach a website developer or website copywriter with your requirements – they will develop website content accordingly, communicate it with website owners and website developers to make sure that website content can be developed without any issues.

How to write a winning marketing strategy for a website

A website marketing strategy needs to be planned and executed in a coordinated manner for it to achieve website goals. Depending on the nature of your business, website traffic and leads will vary – hence an online marketing professional should plan out website content & technical strategies accordingly.

The best way is to approach a developer or copywriter with website design requirements (i.e. website copywriting and website developer) so that website content can be developed in a way to align with the company’s business objectives. It is vital for website developers and marketers to work together as one cohesive team if they want their website strategy to succeed.

You can also find multiple website strategies online that can help with website marketing. However it is best to find a company who understands your business and implements website content in a way that aligns with the website development strategy – an A/B testing expert, for example, will work differently from someone who specializes in link building or social media optimization.

How to come up with a SEO strategy for your website

A website SEO strategy depends on what website goals you have and the kind of website traffic that your website is looking for.

Depending on your company’s business objectives, target audience and website goals a professional online marketer will plan out all aspects of website development so that it can accommodate various website strategies such as SEO, social media marketing etc., to help website owners achieve website goals.

A SEO professional will know what website copywriting and website development features need to be built into your website – hence it is best for you to approach an online marketing professional with website content & technical requirements so that they can plan the complete website strategy accordingly.

You can do some of the research yourself by reading website content & case studies online and find website strategies that align with your business objectives. However you should seek the advice of a professional website marketer if want to implement website copywriting or website development in a way that will help you achieve website traffic, leads and eventually sales conversions.

What is included in a website content strategy audit?

A website content strategy audit includes website copywriting and website developer strategies.

The website marketing professional needs to understand your business objectives, target audience and website goals before they can plan out all aspects of the website development i.e. technical, SEO & social media etc., so that it is aligned with company’s overall online presence – this will help website owners achieve website goals.

Depending on the nature of your business website content may be different – it is best to approach a professional SEO or website developer with website copywriting and technical requirements so that they can plan out all aspects of website development in a way which will ensure you get more website traffic and eventually leads for sales.

How to develop a content strategy for new website

In order to develop a content strategy for new website, you need to define your company’s business objectives and target market first.

website content strategy

Once that is done, proper research on the kind of information that other websites in the same industry are providing will help you develop a complete content plan – this can then be presented to web developers so they can develop it into a website.

One of the first things you can do is to find article topics and keywords is by using SEO tools. These include things such as Google’s free keyword research tool, “Search Console“. You can also use other paid services like Ahrefs or Moz for this purpose.

Once you have done keyword research, write a list of all the keywords that would be beneficial for your website to rank high on in search engines. Social media and content marketing experts can then develop articles based on these keywords or use them when creating blog posts, social media updates etc., so that your company’s online presence is complete.

It is vital for marketers to develop all aspects of the online marketing strategy i.e. social media, SEO etc., before they can develop content which will help you achieve your business goals.

Bottom line – content is king

The website strategy is a vital component to any website. In order for website owners and marketers to get the most out of their website, they need to plan out all aspects of website development from SEO to social media strategies – this will help them achieve desired website goals such as more traffic or leads which in turn should translate into higher sales.

Blogging being one of the most effective website traffic and lead generation strategies – it helps website owners to develop relationships with their online audience through content which in turn will generate more site traffic and sales.

If you want your company’s business objectives met by a professional online marketer who has experience with website content & technical requirements then let us know because we are ready and waiting. We can partner up with you on creating an amazing online marketing strategy that achieves desired results at affordable prices.