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The Secret Formula For Top Search Rankings

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Keyword Intent Research
The proper way to attract the right traffic

Keywords are about getting the right kind of visitors to your platform and convert them further into potential clients.


Content Will Always Be King
Boost every stage of the customer journey

Creating a successful blog will help you to rank higher in search results when your customers are looking to buy from you.


Search Success is a Marathon
Exhibit your authority and trustworthiness

Blogging helps drive more sales by boosting your brand awareness and improving the rankings of your product pages.

Why Your Blog is Your Brand

A Business Blog is for Today, Tomorrow, and Forever

It’s not about pushing the right buttons to beat the Google SEO system or running a sensational headline to earn social media shares – blogging is about connecting with the right people and offering something valuable.

Blogs provide fresh content that improves search engine optimization, initiates conversations with customers, and improves sales.

Organic Traffic Growth

Real Results

What Our Clients Say



Based on 47 reviews
We made a lot of sales...
Clifford Quinn
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The best online marketing agency ever. During this difficult time, thanks to you, we made a lot of sales despite the lockdown.
On page one on Google...
Dillon Moble
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Many thanks to the guys from Webgenius for the great advice and the quick implementation. We are now high on page one on Google.
Won several new customers...
Robert Marshall
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Thank you very much for your professional SEO support. I have already won several new customers through your online marketing.
Consistent SEO rankings...
Shawn Peck
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We are excited about the results we have achieved. No SEO agency before has delivered such professional and consistent SEO rankings!

Some of Our Work

Sample Articles

Article targeting People Ops/Operations Managers, Office Coordinators, Chief People Officer at SaaS companies. The main topic and focus keyword is “recognition types” while also promoting a Slack bot for company culture. View Article

Article targeting startups, small and medium size companies that have a technology product. The main topic and focus keyword is “application outsourcing” while also promoting a software development company. View Article

Article targeting college students that might notice some health symptoms and could use a telehealth service. The main topic and focus keyword is “tired college student” while also promoting a telemedicine app. View Article

Article targeting the CEO, COO, CTO, Director of Sustainability of Chain Restaurants in the Fast Casual & QSR segments. The main topic and focus keyword is “food waste tracking” while also promoting a food prep forecasting system. View Article

Article targeting banking, financial, healthcare institutions that need cyber ratings and pre- and post-breach capabilities. The main topic and focus keyword is “clone phishing” while also promoting a cybersecurity ratings company. View Article

Scale Your Inbound Marketing on Autopilot

Simple Pricing with No Surprises


For small businesses with big goals that want to start growing their website traffic.
$ 397
  • Deliverables ~ 3,750 words
  • 3 articles per month
  • 1250 words per blog post
  • Up to 2 focus keywords each
  • Basic imagery
  • Scope of work
  • Customer profile
  • Keyword research
  • Top 3 competitor analysis
  • On-page SEO
  • Publishing


The ideal plan (and best value) for growing businesses that are serious about search.
$ 897
  • Deliverables ~ 10,000 words
  • 4 articles per month
  • 2500 words per blog post
  • Up to 3 focus keywords each
  • Standard imagery
  • Scope of work
  • Customer profile
  • Keyword research
  • Top 5 competitor analysis
  • On-page SEO & Blog audit
  • Publishing


Most popular for large SEO-focused businesses with in-house marketing teams.
$ 1,597
  • Deliverables ~ 17,500 words
  • 5 articles per month
  • 3500 words per blog post
  • Up to 5 focus keywords each
  • Premium imagery
  • Scope of work
  • Customer profile
  • Keyword research
  • Top 10 competitor analysis
  • On-page SEO & Sitewide audit
  • Publishing

Some of our amazing clients

Do you have additional questions?

Find the perfect fit

Your content strategy starts with an understanding of your ideal customer

The first step in content development is always to collect as much information as possible. When we’re working together, we compile information on your target demographics, key competitors, past site performance, site goals, other information unique to your particular business and its environment.

The reason behind collecting so much information is so we can make data-driven decisions about what topics to cover.

Remove the guesswork

Our content ideas are derived directly from search data and built to perform

Each week, your Managing Editor will reach out with post topics. Naturally, we want to make sure that everyone is on the same page. You can approve or reject the pitches as you see fit, giving us the feedback we need to get this process on auto-pilot for you.

Let us know if you have any sort of exciting news to share, or really any other interesting tidbits of information you’d like included on your blog.

Get blog posts that rank

Drive organic traffic with blog posts meant to perform on Google

If required, you can request revisions and alterations free of charge. Once you’re completely satisfied with the work, your perfect posts are ready for publication! We are happy to post directly to your website, or email the content to you so you can review and publish them into your CMS of choice.

At this point, you’ll start to reap the benefits, including: higher search rankings, increased organic traffic, greater brand awareness and more sales.

0 %
Increase in online transactions

Most consumers don’t trust ads, but browse organic results on Google to answer their questions and problems.

0 %
Revenue increase
Blogging works because it lets you appear naturally at every touchpoint along the customer journey and improve their experience.
0 %
Increase in organic traffic
Google ranks content in the search results with high Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness because that’s what users expect to find.

Are You Still on the Fence?

Drop us a line and let us know what's on your mind

No. All mandatory strategy assets such as ideal customer profile, keyword research and competitor analysis are included in the first week of service. These lay the foundations for long-term performance.

The content is outlined internally from our strategists and then sent out to writers who specialize in your industry or niche. This is with no exception. We don’t delegate content to non-native speakers nor do we cheap out on writing.

Yes. Producing great content requires us to work with amazing creators so we need to pay them based on the effort they put in. The Lite plan has a limit of 1250 words per post, the Plus 2500 words per post, and the Premium 3500 words per post.

Once you’ll fill out an intake form that helps us understand you, your business, your goals and vision, you can expect the first content ideas to be ready in just 2-3 business days, allowing you to immediately request your first blog post for production.

With each plans (Lite, Plus, and Premium), you get varying creative output. You can expect 3 blog posts per month with the Lite plan, 4 with the Plus plan, and 5 with the Premium plan. These are not on a weekly basis, they are total articles per month.

No. A long-term content strategy requires a thorough research and planning process with multiple blog posts and other site content connected to each other.

No, you will refer to your account manager for all things editing, revisions, and more. Our process is built to give you all the information you need before an article is sent out for production. After the first draft is reviewed by your manager, you can discuss changes with them.

Yes. You get to decide who gets to put the name on the content we produce. If you’re the founder of the company and you need a stronger online presence, we’ll get your name, your profile picture, and your bio directly on each post.

Yes. We are more than happy to sign an NDA if you need peace of mind. Of course, we love sharing stories about customer success, but we won’t do it unless we specifically receive permission. We perfectly understand that content should be kept under your own name.

It depends. If you don’t have a website live yet, we recommend that you spend some time launching and generating some reputation in the form of Domain Authority (DA). We cannot offer any guarantees for startups that don’t have a domain age of at least 6 months and a DA of at least 10.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Try before you buy to see the quality of our work

If you’ll like your trial article, you can use it on your blog and maybe we can work together more, and if you don’t, we’ll understand, won’t get our feelings hurt and issue you a full refund – No Questions Asked.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Try before you buy to see the quality of our work

If you’ll like your trial article, you can use it on your blog and maybe we can work together more, and if you don’t, we’ll understand, won’t get our feelings hurt and issue you a full refund – No Questions Asked.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Try before you buy to see the quality of our work

If you’ll like your trial article, you can use it on your blog and maybe we can work together more, and if you don’t, we’ll understand, won’t get our feelings hurt and issue you a full refund – No Questions Asked.